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Taking the whole magnetic field from northern Few York to southern Pennsylvania, the Cornwall deposit, described under the Steelton district, produces half the total, while New York and New Jersey divide the remainder with an annual production of 300,000 tons each. The iron made in these two States enters, to a limited extent, into the steel industry, some of it heing sold to open-hearth furnaces, but most of it is used in the general foundry trade. Much money has been spent on concentrating plants throughout this whole region, the most extensive outfit having been erected in northern Few Jersey by Edison. The ore used by him contained only 18 per cent, of iron and was a hard rock, so that the expense per ton of finished concentrate was heavy. The operation of bricking was not satisfactory and the whole work was discontinued about two years ago, but in other places less ambitious installations have been worked with success.
Most of the steel plants of this district are local in character, some running exclusively on steel castings. By far the most important producer is the South Works, at Worcester, Mass., which has eight open-hearth furnaces supplying wire mills. This is owned by the United States Steel Corporation. No other plant in these six States has as many as six furnaces. In no works east of Pennsylvania'is there, today, a complete plant of blast furnaces, steel producers and rolling mills, nor is there a standard Bessemer converter in regular operation.
Table XXII-T gives information concerning the distribution by States.
TABLE XXII-T. Iron and Steel Plants in New England, New York and New Jersey.
State.	Blast Pomaces,		Bessemer Plants.		Open Hearth Plants.		Works making crucible steel.	"Works having rolling mills
	Coke.	Charcoal.	Works having standard converters.	Works having special converters.	No. of works.	No. of furnaces.		
								I 7 2 5 21 17
		3		1	4 1 1 6 4 16	14 2 1 11 9	1	
		4		1			2 3 5	
	16 11	3	*					
New Jersey ..........								
Total        .......	27	10		2		37	11	53
*The Troy works it idle.